About TotStream
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TotStream is the place for everyone with an occupation to mentor, inspire, do business, learn, acquire new skills, arrange a meet-up, team up, or just hang out to make an imprint in the digital space.

We are keen on providing a platform for intellectual and social interactions, connecting peoples of approximate passions, effectively proffering solutions to social troubles through continuous deliberate engagement.

Our mission is to make keeping up with thought molders, mentors, close pals, family, classmates, educators, lecturers, research scientists easier than ever before. The platform will be a repository for intellectual properties and the exchange of know-how.

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Circles are protected spaces

Every circle along with its article, tots, tasks, knowledge bank are protected resources only accessible to the circle members that are active. Circle administrators could assign rights/priviledges to other members as seen appropriate via the member role management tools on every circle.

Stream (Just for circle)

You want to break out of the noise and have a sort-of private tete-a-tete with like minds? Don't worry we got you covered with circle streams, especially, collaborative circle.

Tasks (collaborative circles only)

Collaborative circles avail you the capabilities of creating, administering and assessing tasks that are available to all circle members.

Tasks (collaborative circles only)

Once tasks are created, they could be scheduled for activation immediately or some time in the future. Activation makes tasks available to circle members so they can attempt them.

Tasks taking

Members can attempt tasks and have attempted tasks assessed in a conversational mode.

Attempted/Submitted tasks

As soon as tasks have been submitted by circle members, they would be able to view either partial or full outcome of the assessment carried out by the assessment engine or the human assessor.


There are still features like:

Circle Users/Roles Management: As a member of a circle with certain priviledges, you are permitted to carryout circle administrative actions like assigning roles to users, adding/removing users from circle, creating/assessing tasks and so on.

Memo: Messages meant for only you are found here and when you send such messages as 'Follow', 'FNF request', the receiver find them in the memo.

DM FNF: Once an FNF request has been completed, DM FnF( Direct Message Follow-and-Follow) is made possible enabling a private direct messages between connected members.

Meet our mobile menu

We welcome you to get to know our mobile menu so that you experience moving around would be a smooth one.

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